Traces of a Proto-Meme ,


arround 2009 i was dismayed that the internet didn't had a proper smiley representation for our times of over-stimulation of data and chemical pleasure that amuses us in the form of mind trips, or more like the idea of what that actually is, usually as a noob approach to self indulgence.

this is how smeltley.gif was born. also known as smeltlie or smelty, it was crafted with a poor amount of frames and using the liquify tool in photoshop.

of course when i was done posted it to and my tumblr.

after some time the gif went invited to a show called moving the still in miami art basel and i started to notice how it was evolving into different things and even products, but sharing an idealistic targeted innocence that denotes the idiosyncrasy patterns that originated it.

moving the still